The table below enlists various engineering milestones completed by our well-qualified consultants.


Schedule of Studies

S.No Study/Report Company
1   Site Studies  
a Onshore Soil investigation Trevi Foundation Construction
b Offshore Soil Investigation GEMS
c Bathymetric, Sidescan, Topographic and Seismic Galcoast
d Onshore Topography Geo Digital Services
2   Engineering Design and Drawings for Marine Infrastructure Delta Marine Consultants
3   Engineering Design for land side Infrastructure Berger Abam
4   Hydrodynamic Study Delta Marine Consultants
5   Ship Navigation Study Alkyon
6   2D and 3D Model Testing (Breakwaters) Danish Hydraulic Institute
7   Environmental Impact Assessment Study Global Environmental Technology
8   Coastal Erosion and Sediment Transport Study Delta Marine Consultants

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