Community Engagement

Our host community is an integral part of our critical stakeholders; hence, we ensure that we engage them occasionally through meetings and forums. As a socially responsible company, we regularly conduct needs assessments within the communities and carry out intervention programmes to support the communities.

The Provision of Thirty (30) Grinding Machines for the Host Community Women

Donation of TT Boards

We are thrilled to share the heartwarming moments captured during our recent charitable initiative. Responding to a request from our community schools, Lekki Port took the opportunity to give back by donating two table tennis table boards, complete with extra accessories such as bats and nets.

The fortunate recipients of this thoughtful gesture were the Community Senior High School, Magbon Segun, and the Community Junior High School, Idotun. These donations aim to be pivotal in positively promoting sporting activities and physical education among the students, aligning seamlessly with the Nigerian education curriculum.

Additionally, we are pleased to share the heartfelt letters of appreciation received from both schools. These letters stand as a testament to the meaningful impact that collaborative initiatives can have on education and the overall well-being of our community.

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