Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lekki Port, and what makes it unique?

Lekki Port is a world-class, deep-sea port in Lagos, Nigeria's Lekki Free Trade Zone. It stands out for its strategic location, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and the capability to accommodate large vessels, making it a key player in facilitating global trade and boosting economic development in the region. 

How will Lekki Port contribute to economic growth in Nigeria?

Lekki Port is poised to significantly contribute to Nigeria's economic growth by serving as a primary gateway for international trade. It will attract investments, create employment opportunities, and stimulate industrial activities in the Lekki Free Trade Zone. Moreover, the port's modern facilities and efficient operations will enhance the overall competitiveness of businesses in the region. 

What kind of vessels can Lekki Port accommodate?

Lekki Port can accommodate many vessels, including container ships, bulk carriers, and oil tankers. Its deep draft and advanced infrastructure allow it to handle ships with a capacity of up to 18,000 TEUs, making it one of the few ports in the region capable of handling mega-container ships.

How environmentally friendly is Lekki Port?

 Lekki Port is committed to environmental sustainability. The port adheres to international environmental standards, employing advanced technologies to minimise its ecological footprint. It incorporates eco-friendly practices in waste management, energy consumption, and water conservation to ensure responsible and sustainable port operations. 

Is Lekki Port currently operational?
Yes, Lekki Port has been operational since April 2023. It commenced operations following its commissioning after the successful completion of construction, and it is fully open for business. 
How will Lekki Port impact Nigeria's shipping and logistics industry?
Lekki Port will revolutionise Nigeria's shipping and logistics industry by offering modern facilities, efficient services, and reduced transit times. It will enhance supply chain efficiency, reduce transportation costs, and improve the competitiveness of businesses relying on maritime transportation. 
What logistics and support services will be available at Lekki Port?
Lekki Port will offer a comprehensive range of logistics and support services, including scanning, truck parking, liquid & dry berthing, container handling, warehousing, customs clearance, and transportation. The port is designed as a one-stop solution for importers and exporters, streamlining the entire logistics process for maximum efficiency. 
How can businesses and stakeholders get involved with Lekki Port?

Businesses and stakeholders interested in partnering with or utilising Lekki Port's services can contact our business development team through the website. We welcome collaborations, investments, and partnerships that align with our vision of promoting economic growth and sustainability in the region. 

How is Lekki Port contributing to the local community and social development?

Lekki Port is actively involved in community engagement and social development initiatives. The port is committed to corporate social responsibility, including education, healthcare, and infrastructure projects, to positively impact the lives of the local community and foster sustainable development in the region. 

What makes Lekki Port stand out from other ports in Nigeria?

Lekki Port is different from your average port. It's a game-changer! With its deep-sea capabilities, it can handle the big boys - mega-container ships, transhipment vessels, bulk carriers, you name it. Plus, it's strategically located in the Lekki Free Trade Zone, making it a hub for global trade and a catalyst for economic growth in Nigeria. 

How is Lekki Port helping local businesses and entrepreneurs?

Lekki Port isn't just about moving containers; it's about moving the economy. By offering top-notch logistics services, we're helping local businesses reduce costs, improve efficiency, and compete globally. We're not just a port but a partner in progress for local entrepreneurs. 

Can I tour Lekki Port and see the action up close?

Absolutely! We love showing off our state-of-the-art facilities. Contact our team, and we'll arrange a tour for you. See the cranes in action, check out our warehousing facilities, and get a firsthand look at the future of maritime excellence.

What's the scoop on Lekki Port's environmental initiatives?

We're all about green vibes! Lekki Port is committed to being eco-friendly. From waste management to energy consumption, we're implementing cutting-edge technologies to keep our ecological footprint in check because a responsible port is sustainable. 

Are there any fun facts about the construction of Lekki Port?

You bet! Did you know it takes over [X] tons of steel to build the port? That's like building several Eiffel Towers! We're not just laying concrete; we're crafting an engineering masterpiece. 

How is Lekki Port supporting the local community beyond business?

It's not just business; it's about being good neighbours. Lekki Port is deeply involved in community development. We invest in education, welfare, and infrastructure projects because we believe in giving back and growing together. 

Can Lekki Port handle my weirdly shaped cargo?

Oddly shaped cargo? Bring it on! Lekki Port is equipped to handle all shapes and sizes. Our facilities are versatile enough to accommodate your unique cargo needs. If it's legal, we can take it. 

How deep is Lekki Port, and why does it matter?
Lekki Port boasts an impressive depth, reaching [X] meters. This isn't just about numbers; it's a game-changer for shipping. The deeper the port, the larger vessels it can accommodate. With our deep draft, we're not just welcoming ships; we're rolling out the red carpet for the big players in maritime trade. 
Can you break down the specifics of Lekki Port's container-handling capabilities?
We're not just stacking containers; we're orchestrating a symphony of logistics. Lekki Port can handle up to 18,000 TEUs (Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units). That's a fancy way of saying we can manage a colossal cargo efficiently. Your goods are in good hands. 
How does Lekki Port contribute to reducing shipping times?

Time is money, right? Lekki Port is strategically positioned to reduce shipping times significantly. By being closer to major shipping routes, we're cutting down on transit time, ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination faster and more efficiently. 

How does Lekki Port handle security for both goods and personnel?
Security is non-negotiable. Lekki Port employs a multi-layered security system, including advanced surveillance, access control, and trained personnel. Your goods and our team are under a watchful eye 24/7, ensuring a safe and secure environment within the port premises. 
Can Lekki Port handle hazardous cargo, and how is it managed?

Safety first! Lekki Port is equipped to handle hazardous cargo with the utmost care. Our facilities and protocols adhere to international safety standards. From storage to transportation, we take every precaution to ensure the secure handling of hazardous materials. 

What role does Lekki Port play in supporting the oil and gas industry?

Lekki Port isn't just about containers; it's a key player in the oil and gas supply chain. With facilities to handle oil tankers and bulk carriers, we're facilitating the smooth flow of resources for the energy sector, contributing to the growth of Nigeria's oil and gas industry. 

How does Lekki Port contribute to the global supply chain?

Lekki Port isn't just a local player; it's a global contender. We're seamlessly integrating into the worldwide supply chain by offering world-class facilities, efficient operations, and strategic connectivity. Your cargo isn't just arriving; it's making a grand entrance onto the world stage. 

Can Lekki Port accommodate future growth in trade and shipping trends?

We're not just building for today but for the future. Lekki Port has been designed with scalability in mind. Our infrastructure can adapt to the evolving demands of the shipping industry, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve in handling future growth in trade and shipping trends. 

What's the technology scene like at Lekki Port?
We're not stuck in the past; we're cruising into the future! Lekki Port embraces cutting-edge technology for seamless operations. From smart logistics to digital customs clearance, we're making waves in the tech-savvy port scene. 
How is Lekki Port leveraging technology for efficiency?

We're not in the Stone Age but at the forefront of technological innovation. Lekki Port integrates innovative technologies for operations, including real-time tracking, digital documentation, and automated processes. This isn't just a port; it's a high-tech hub for maritime excellence. 

Can I get a job at Lekki Port?

Fancy joining the Lekki Port family? Keep checking our careers page on the website for updates on new positions. We always seek passionate and talented individuals to join our dynamic team. Your next career adventure is a click away. 

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