Shareholders Information

China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. (CHEC)
China Harbour Engineering Company Limited (CHEC), established in 1980, is one of the pioneering enterprises in China to conduct international engineering businesses. CHEC has established branches in more than 90 countries around the world, conducting business in over 100 countries and regions.
Tolaram is a Singapore enterprise focused on investing in emerging market opportunities that propel growth and elevate communities. It has been in business for over 70 years. This entrepreneurial heritage has given it critical insights to innovate continually. Its focused leadership and talent have earned it the confidence and capabilities to break into new markets and quickly succeed in demanding terrains, transforming challenges and opportunities.
Lagos State Government (LASG)
LASG plays a pivotal role in the Nigerian economy and as a nation’s commercial nerve centre, remains the focal point of economic activities. The Lagos Gross Domestic Product (GDP) accounted for 26.7% of Nigeria’s total GDP and more than 50% of non-oil GDP. Over 50% of Nigeria’s non-oil industrial capacity is located in Lagos.
Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA)
NPA is the gateway to the nation’s economy. As the focal point for the country’s international trade by sea, the primary business of NPA is cargo handling with service to ship and service to cargo being the core of its business proposition.
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