A significant milestone was achieved at Lekki Deep Sea Port as the second ship berthed at the port this afternoon. The vessel, named “ZEN-HUA 35,” brought with it the second batch of shipments, reinforcing the port’s commitment to advancing its infrastructure.

This latest shipment included two Ship to Shore cranes along with 115 packages of accessories, as well as five Rubber Tyre Gantry cranes accompanied by 270 packages of accessories, all originating from Shanghai, China. These advanced cranes and accessories are integral components of the port’s operational capabilities, further enhancing its capacity for efficient and modernised container handling.

The timely arrival of the “ZEN-HUA 35” marks another crucial step in the ongoing development of Lekki Port, positioning it as a key player in maritime operations. With the shipment of yard equipment expected shortly, the port is gearing up for comprehensive operational readiness.

This achievement reflects the dedication and collaborative efforts of all involved stakeholders, highlighting the commitment of Lekki Deep Sea Port to providing cutting-edge infrastructure for the maritime sector in Nigeria. As the port continues to receive vital shipments, it solidifies its role as a catalyst for progress and innovation in the region’s shipping industry.

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