Nigerian International Maritime Summit (NIMS) 2022

Lekki Port took center stage at the Nigeria International Maritime Summit, inviting attendees to experience the essence of this groundbreaking project. The event was held at Booth S4B from November 21st to 22nd at the prestigious summit hosted at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

This was an exciting opportunity for participants to engage directly with Lekki Port representatives, explore detailed information about the project, and have their inquiries addressed. The team was poised to share insights, updates, and the vision behind Lekki Port, contributing to the discourse on the future of maritime infrastructure in Nigeria.

As Lekki Port showcased at this esteemed event, the focus was on fostering connections, sharing knowledge, and building awareness about the transformative impact that Lekki Port will have on the nation’s maritime sector. Visitors had the chance to be a part of the dialogue that shapes the future of maritime excellence in Nigeria by visiting Booth S4B.

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