Lekki Deep Sea Port proudly announces the arrival of two 80-ton Bollard Pull tug boats generously provided by the Nigerian Ports Authority. This significant enhancement to our port infrastructure marks a crucial milestone, reinforcing our capacity to handle larger vessels and bolstering trade facilitation. It positions Lekki Port as a key player in the region, poised to serve as a transshipment hub in West Africa.

Our Board of Directors and senior management extend sincere gratitude to the Federal Ministry of Transportation and the Nigerian Ports Authority for their unwavering commitment to fulfilling obligations outlined in the Concession Agreement. The provision of these state-of-the-art tug boats underscores the collaborative effort to fortify Lekki Port’s operational capabilities.

Heartfelt appreciation is also extended to the Federal and Lagos State Governments for fostering an enabling business environment that allowed Lekki Port to commence operations seamlessly since April 2023. This support is instrumental in realising our vision of transforming Nigeria into a competitive maritime nation.

With this new addition to our maritime assets, Lekki Port is fully committed to advancing trade, facilitating efficient operations, and contributing significantly to the growth of the nation’s maritime sector. The deployment of these tug boats signifies our dedication to excellence and underscores the collective effort to position Lekki Port as a beacon of progress in West Africa’s maritime landscape.

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